About me

I am Philipp, a passionate Python developer with a background in geoinformatics. I also like to make web mapping applications with JavaScript / TypeScript / VueJS. Currently i am finding my way into deploying applications through docker and into linux server administration.



Research Assistant

· Hamburg, Germany


  • Further development of pyEAC
  • Development and implementation of new methods for Equal Area Cartograms (Tile Maps)

Nov 2020
Sep 2020

Student Assistant

· Hamburg, Germany


  • Development and maintenance of a python package for generating Equal Area Cartograms (pyEAC)

Feb 2020
Dec 2019

Junior Python Developer

· Hamburg, Germany


Geospin offers location intelligence software solutions with a focus on geo machine learning.

  • Automation of data management and data preparation
  • Implementation and revision of automated test procedures for Python software
  • Development, testing and implementation of geographical surveys based on existing data sources
  • Collaborative quality assurance, code reviews and testing with all other developers

Oct 2018
Jun 2019

Student Assistant

· Hamburg, Germany


  • Support for the testing of algorithms developed in-house
  • Statistical evaluation of processed test data sets with regard to the effectiveness of the developed software
  • Porting an application written in JavaScript to Python for performance reasons (CoGran - spatial interpolation of differently divided data sets of the same spatial unit)

Nov 2017
Sep 2017

Working Student

· Kiel, Germany


EGEOS is specialized in the development of flexible web-based applications with special requirements. Their goal is to create secure, user-friendly and high-performance applications.

  • Digitization of surface features and correction of faulty data sets using QGIS
  • Acquisition of historical archive data with spatial reference
  • Use of OCR software to read coordinate information from documents
  • Georeferencing of aerial photographs in urban space
  • Quality control of digital copies

Mar 2016
Nov 2016


· Göttingen, Germany


The Nordwestdeutsche Forstliche Versuchsanstalt (NW-FVA) is a joint research institution and service of the german states Niedersachsen, Hessen, Sachsen-Anhalt and Schleswig-Holstein.

Forest Protection Department - Remote Sensing and GIS

  • Preparation of an overview map of the forest organisation structures in the countries supporting the NW-FVA
  • Network analysis of power line route variants
  • Geodata processing / analysis of landscape elements
  • Spatial Data Infrastructure according to the EU Directive INSPIRE
  • Photogrammetry (orientation of digital aerial photographs, calculation of orthophotos)
  • 2D and 3D aerial image evaluation (damage to existing buildings as a result of the 2013 Elbe flood in Sachsen-Anhalt)

Sep 2016

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